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The best answer I can give to define bliss is the intention statement I have pinned on my bulletin board…My deepest intention is to be completely myself, self-aware and self-realized, living my life joyfully and to its fullest capacity.

To me, a blissful life is a life where you experience simple moments of pure and natural joy. A moment where you forget all that you need, forget all that you want and forget the cares or worries that exist in your life. These moments are simple, unforced and easy to take for granted.

Bliss is that moment, or span of time, when my world seems well-balanced, resolved, and I’m experiencing peace of mind. During this time my capacity for love (both expressed and received) is relatively higher. Some specific events or activities that are likely to trigger bliss include singing, sex, time working on projects that promise rewarding outcomes, a night out with people I love, a quiet moment with a cup of coffee, and a book on a day of no scheduled obligations.

To me, bliss is the ultimate state of happiness, joy, personal fulfillment. I saw it yesterday on the face of my grandson who was celebrating his second birthday and had just bitten into a large icing-covered cupcake. That smile, those eyes, portrayed ultimate joy and happiness.

My bliss is being able to go out with friends, family or my wife and not have the conversation drift constantly to my work or my stress about the things I have or don’t have. It’s  about being able to be present with them and not focused on the project I’m working on, the meeting I need to schedule, or the report I haven’t yet written. There’s something about being able to shut off, knowing full well that you’ll pick up right where you left off the next day.

I would describe a blissful life as one that is filled with good health, good times, helping others and making the most of each day.

Bliss is having a job that provides me challenges in an environment where I am allowed to thrive, combined with a loving family I can come home to at night, and a close group of friends that share my passion for life. It feels like I’m always busy—but not to the point of exhaustion or burnout.

In my case, a blissful life comes in moments, not years. It means time with a partner I love, opportunities to truly be a mother to my kids and a grandmother to theirs, the kind of good health that allows me to ski all winter and cycle all summer, great vacations in wild places, and a sense of true accomplishment in my professional life—if not every day, then often enough to feel proud of myself.

Bliss means doing what you’re passionate about, both personally and professionally. Bliss is connecting with others and being understood. Bliss is taking the time to appreciate the amazing moments in one’s life.

I think that most people think that bliss is to have hours a day to pamper, meditate, cook the perfect foods, read all they want, etc. NOT ME! I like having to manage my schedule and commitments, make time for exercise, sometimes having to eat a protein bar because there is no time for a proper meal, etc. Idleness is my true enemy. For me, a blissful life is to be busy doing good in the world, interacting with interesting and ethical people, having fun. Bliss is also having manageable challenges that can be conquered. Bliss is feeling loved and respected in my community, and doing for others as well.

Bliss for me means knowing that I made real, positive contributions to those around me.

There’s a certain element of bliss that comes simply with being content with what you have in that moment.

For me, bliss is about excitement.
There’s always excitement.

I always say I live a blessed life. It means that when I get up in the morning I feel like I have meaning, like I’m impacting and improving the lives of other people. I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to do that.

I don’t think of it as bliss, but as joy, which I find every day in different things. I feel relaxed, tranquil and happy. Sometimes I feel deep emotions. I love people, and get a high and joy from being around them. They make my heart sing.

I experience bliss all the time…like when I am home on a Friday night, knowing that I don’t have to go anywhere the next day. I have my favorite people with me, my husband and my son and our two dogs. Laughing, playing, not thinking about anything stressful and knowing that there is no place I would rather be at that moment.